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  • Workshops and Learning Festival options are now available. Login to your registration account to pick them. Please check back frequently as they will be continuously updating. 研討會和學習節選項現供選擇。請登錄到您的註冊帳戶去確認您的選擇。請經常到網站查看,研討會和學習節選項將會不斷更新。


  • 57th CCCWC will be in EDMONTON this year, at the Downtown Westin Hotel  (第57屆冬令會將在愛民頓舉辦,地點是 Downtown Westin Hotel)
  • LATE LATE registration deadline is December 26, 2017 (截至日期:12月26日)
  • Important Dates DURING Conference

    Please note the following dates if it applies to you. If you are eligible, it will also be noted on the back of your name tag to be received at conference and the item below can be picked up in the WC office.

    1. Dec 28 pick up super early bird gift

    You do not need to apply for this in order to receive a gift as it is based on the order of registration of delegates.

    2. Dec 29 pick up transportation subsidy**, group discount or any refund checks

    **First 120 full time delegates from any province outside Alberta will be eligible for this

    3. Dec 30 pick up volunteers gifts

    Applies to all delegates volunteering in any capacity

  • Keep checking back for more updates! Like our Facebook Page to learn more about 57th CCCWC (請在這一年密切留意我們的最新消息!讚我們的Facebook 主頁了解更多第57屆冬令會)